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Katherine Smith - GIS Coordinator
Ed Brooks - Library Assistant


Can you name anything that does not have geography? GIS is a gateway to analyzing and displaying this geographic data. GIS is a technology used to solve geographic problems concerning issues that can be spatially represented. GIS personnel can use this technology to visualize, analyze, manipulate, and display data in many ways including scientific investigation, resource and infrastructure management, and development planning.

When you are at home and want to turn on the television or take a shower, chances are a GIS is helping to insure delivery of the electricity and water flow needed. If there is a failure in power or water, then there is probably another GIS application being used to solve the problem. Do you have that perfect vacation all planned out, but can't seem to find the quickest route to your destination? Well, you can use online GIS services like MapQuest to find these routes and map them for you in a user-friendly manner. 

This site is hosted by the Virginia Tech Library Maps and Government Documents Division and provides data distribution services for local government.  The Town of Blacksburg's data are provided in both AutoCAD and ArcView formats.  Viewing AutoCAD drawings requires the use of Volo View, which can be downloaded through the link on the left side of this window. Volo View gives users the capability of zooming and panning around an image to visualize data in more detail. ArcExplorer is free software provided by ESRI, enabling query and printing of ArcView files. To download this software click on the ArcExplorer option on the left.  For more information regarding this site, please contact Ed Brooks or Katherine Smith.